teff grain grinding mill


Guar Gum grinding Production line

Our wheat and graining grinding machines can deals with various grains and beans, such as Grains, dried small shrimps, fish meal, seaweed, dehydrated vegetables, hawthorn, spices, jujube, lees, cake, potato residue, tea, soybean, cotton, plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit, hundreds of various edible fungi and other difficult materials processing. The production capacity range we can offer you is from 30 kg per hour for household use to more than 10 tons per hour for private factory use.

The principle of the stainless steel high-speed universal pulverizer mechanical transmission, so that the relative motion between activities gear and fixed gear, the material from the hopper through feeder automatically added to the grinding chamber, activity gear and fixed gear shear the friction and material impact to achieve the combined effects of crushing, the crushed powder through the screen controlled by the powder outlet to fall into the powder collector bags.  
The Main Features of wheat flour mill plant
· Compact shape, parts reqair and replacement easy  
· Mechanical stability, low energy consumption, crushed, crush phenomenon, not raise he crushed temperature  
· Lower energy consumption,compared with the traditional omnipotent pulverize, it could save 30% power  
· Equipment structure compact, floor space small  
· In crushing box no stitch line, no dead space, easy to unpick and wash, disinfect, change variety expediently, meet with the GMP standard  
· The scope of shatter granularity, the grain diameter of end product is 20-200 item scope adjusted arbitrarily; machinery roundly, the output is 15~500kg/h machinery optionally  
· Negative pressure products, no dust pollute, good environment