bucket conveyor


bucket conveyor

The Bucket conveyor, bucket elevator is applicable for vertical lifting of granule material such as corn, food plastic and chemical industry, etc. Z design fo saving space, and capacity up to 5 ton/hour. 

Working Principle:
1). Manual feeding the bulk products into vibrator feeder hopper;
2). Bulk products will be feeded into Z bucket conveyor evenly by vibration;
3). Z bucket coveyor will lifting products onto the top of weighing machine for feeding 
1). Feeding speed can be adjusted by inverter;
2). Be made of stainless steel 304 construction or carbon painted steel
3). Complete automatic or manual carry can be selected;
4). Include vibrator feeder to feeding products orderly into buckets, which to avoid blockage;
5). Auto vibration control system, to ensure bulk products will be feeded evenly into Z bucket conveyor, and protect vibrator not keep strong vibration whie lower volume products inside the vibrator feeder (Optional Function);
6). Electric box offer
A: Automatic or manual emergency stop, vibration bottom, speed bottom, running indicator, power indicator, leakage switch, etc.
B: The input voltage is 24V or below while running.
C: DELIXI inverter.  
1, bucket elevator with throughput, and enhance the high degree of high, stable, long life and so on. The application of dry bulk materials than vertical transmission, can be widely used in building materials, chemicals, coal, electricity, ports and transportation of material transport systems industry.
2, for the tape to EP and steel cord conveyor belt pieces for traction. ring type chain to high-strength chain for traction case, the chain by GB/T12718-91 "Mining high-intensity ring chain" manufacturing.
3, the tail of the plane of the first case were sealed and central processing, materials and dust rarely spill, causing very little environmental pollution.
4, the local mixed or gravity discharge, out check-type feed.
5, the last round for the assembled sprocket, flange bolts with high strength steel body is in rotation, the wear in the sprocket, just changing the rims, maintenance  
convenience, saving raw materials, reduce maintenance costs. Replaced by the next round round flange, completely changed the original double-chain costs are high, easy to defect from the chain.
6, halo hypotenuse using the last round, the round has the role of self-centering, a conveyor belt to avoid deviation.
7, the models in the lower level and has a speed controller, the user can be made in accordance with the need to take in order to achieve the purpose of electric automatic control.
8, this machine up tight, there are two devices, for enhancing a high degree of not more than 25m high models, the general choice of screw up tight and a high degree of more than 25m to upgrade the models, selection of gravity up tight, the special requirements of customers orders Please indicate.
Model SW-B1
Convey Height 1800-4500 mm 
 Bucket volume 1.8L or 4L
Carrying Speed    40-75 buckets/min
Bucket material White PP (dimple surface)
 Vibrator Hopper Size 550L*550W
 Frequency 0.75 KW
Power supply 220V/50HZ or 60HZ Single Phase 
 Packing Dimension 2214L*900W*970H mm
 Gross Weight 600 kg

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