Sintered plate dust collector


Sintered plate dust collector

 Sintered plate dust collector is the fruit of the technological cooperation between Nittetsu Mining and Aier cooperation. This dust collector has the distinguishing features of dramatic high filtration efficiency, ultra-long service life and nearly non-maintenance.

Working Condition of Sintered plate dust collector:
It is widely used in different industries: rubber, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-ferrous metal smelting and other industries with dust removal difficulty.
Features of Sintered plate dust collector: 
1. Ultra-high efficient of dust removal, minimum particle size is only 0.1 microns, emission concentration <5mg/m3.
2. Ultra-long service life, service life is longer than 10 years because of high wear resistance filter material.
3. Equipment resistance is unchanged, stable pressure difference and stable equipment operation
4. Compared with the filter bag dust collector, the volume of equipment can be reduced to 1/2.
5. Adapt to special working condition such as the dust contains 5% oil or 5%water, or acid and alkali particles. 
During roughing process, it will produce many tiny oxide metal powders. Because there are lots of water vapor and mist in hot-rolling gas. It is very hard to filter this gas by traditional media. Our company have long-term discover and practice. And grasp the technology of dealing with the gas by sinter-plate filtering material. Sinter-plate deduster is a common name. The full name is sinter-plate cartridge deduster.
This series deduster has following advantage:
a. High dust removal efficiency, can be up to 99.99%
b. Effluent concentration can be below to 10mg/l
c. Long life time, it can be up to 10 years
d. Unique hydrophobic oil anti iron oxide power plate characteristic.
e. The equipment resistance is stable, easy to operate and low maintenance workload.
f. Because it adopts dry method to control dust technology. The recovered dust can be as sinter material directly.
g. Sinter-plate is sintered ladder shape curved plate which no adhesive binder. Vertical installation. The groove is in accordance with the anti-wind direction and dust fell direction. It is convenient to clean the surface dust compared with triangle groove.  
For keep the equipment advanced, reliable and economical which supply the customer, our company is willing to share accumulated technology and experience of dust control project with your factory.  We promise we will get to the spot at top speed and give a warm and sincere service if you need for long cooperation.
Technical Parameter of Sintered plate dust collector:
Model AR-SP90 AR-SP180 AR-SP270 AR-SP360 AR-SP450 AR-SP540 AR-SP630
Air Flow m3/h 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 30000 35000
Filtration Area m2 90 180 270 360 450 540 630
Pulse valve Count 5 10 15 20 25 30 35
Size 2”
Pressure resistance 5000PA
Sintered plate  count 10 20 30 40 50 60 70
Compressed air consumption Nm3/h 0.45 0.6
A 1358 2015 2765 3515 4265 5015 5765
Weight KG 1600 2250 2900 3350 4200 4850 5600

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