Pulse Bag Filter


Pulse Bag Filter

DMC series ultra low-voltage pulse bag filter is a newly-designed high efficiency dust collector. It has longer filter bag than the general dust collector ,and its inject pressure is much lower thus improving the filtering speed ,saving the ash cleaning consumption and prolonging the filters’ using life. It is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, machinery, chemical, mining and other various industrial and mining enterprises for non-fibrous industrial dust removal purification.

Working principle of Pulse Bag Filter:
1. filtering principle:
Gas containing dust enters from an air inlet, and goes through deflector bucket, then parts of the large particles of dust in the gas is isolated by inertial force, directly falling into the hopper. After gas containing dust go through the filter bag, the dust is blocked in the outer surface of the bag. The purified gas go though filter bag into the tank, and discharge from the outlet.
2. dust collection
The dust filtering and cleaning work is intercepted down fall into the ash bucket, then it is discharged by ash bucket mouth .
3. cleaning principle:
When the ash is cleaned,the compressed air goes through the pulse valve in a short period of time in order , and jet from the nozzle spray tube on the bag. Then the expansion of the bag vibrates rapidly, and under the reverse airflow, the dust in the outer surface of the bag on the stripped into ash hopper. With the prolonging of filtering time, the filter bag dust layer is much thicker, dust removal equipment resistance rises. When the device resistance rises to the set value, ash cleaning device begins
Off-line cleaning device need clean after the room with dust removal equipment outlet cut off,
while the online cleaning equipment need not that.
Characteristics of Pulse Bag Filter:
A .The dust collector adopts submerged pulse valve,and the port has small
gravity ,the air source pressure is 0.25Mpa.
B. the filter mouth adopts spring coil to ensure its tightness.
C. the collecting tube is compact in structure and it has low air resistance.
Adapted materials:
It is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, machinery, chemical, Mining,and other various
industrial and mining enterprises for non-fibrous industrial dust removal purification.
 Model Filtering areas (square meter) Number of filter bags  Air volume  Bag size Overall dimensions (mm)
DMC-24 18 24    1080 Φ120X2000mm  
DMC-36 27 36 1620 Φ120X2000mm 1730X1430X5650
DMC-48 36 48 2160 Φ120X2000mm 1830X1730X5650
DMC-60 45 60 2700 Φ120X2000mm 2240X1730X5650
DMC-72 54 72 3240 Φ120X2000mm 2150X2050X5650
DMC-84 63 84 3780 Φ120X2000mm 2520X1820X5650
DMC-96 72 96 4320 Φ120X2000mm 3450X1750X5650
DMC-120 90 120 5400 Φ120X2000mm 3340X2250X5650
DMC-144 108 144 6480 Φ120X2000mm 3900X2150X5650
DMC-168 126 168 7560 Φ120X2000mm 3650X2650X5650
DMC-192 144 192 8640 Φ120X2000mm 3450X3450X5650

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