Double Shaft Shredder Machine


Double Shaft Shredder Machine

Automatic control by Siemens PLC, with functions of start, stop, reverse, overload reverse automatically,with feature return and overload returns automatically, with characteristics of big torque in low speed and low noise. Convenient to change blade by split bearing block. Suitable for crushing the big solid material like television, washing machine, shell of refrigerator, big size pipe, pipe fittings, forklift splint, tyres, packing barrel, aluminum, copper and steel less than 5mm.

Applications of Double Shaft Shredder Machine:
-toxic hazardous industrial waste
-industrial waste
-solid urban waste
-bulky waste
-electronic equipment waste
-refrigerator recycling
-tire recycling
-plastic recycling
-glas and rock wool
-paper shredding recycling
-hospital waste
-oil filter recycling
-Wood Pallet
Special Features: 
1.Suitable for shredding all kinds of waste plastics and various difficult to be crushed 
plastic products and etc.
2.Low rotation rate,low noise and large moment of torsion.
3.Mechanical or electical over loading of the equipment is well avoided by the preset 
protective assembly.
4.Special designed cutter with high strength and long service life.
5.Can be customized according to customer's special requests. 
6.High capacity and stable performance.
Design Considerations:
A.In order to have a better understanding of your needs,we need client to provide 
below information about their product:
1)Which kind of material you are going to deal with? .
2)What are the physical characteristics of the material?Such as size,shape,thickness,solid
or hollow and etc.
3)What's the producing capacity in your requests?
Please advise so we can figure out if our machines are applicable and which models 
will meeting with your requirement.
B.We can design,customize and do our utmost to meet customers' demands.
 Double Shaft Shredder Machine Model:
Model Motor Power Shredder Chamber Dimension
800 15-22kw 600X800mm
1000 22-45kw 600X1000mm
1200 30-55kw 800X1200mm
1400 30-75kw 1000X1400mm

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