CWM Vortex Mill


CWM Vortex Mill

CWM vortex mill is a kind of super-advanced level of powder processing equipment, which was introduced advanced technology and absorbing innovation from Germany. The original structure of the machine has advanced mechanism of the world's most advancedcontinuous work, with the same time the dual function of drying and grinding. The machine is a suitable inorganic, organic crushed generic special grinder, resolved in the normal temperature ultra-fine grinding of special materials on the PVA, PVC, PE, fibrous materials and almost all the heat-sensitive metals such as magnesium Low melting point materials can be ultra-fine grinding.

Application and Features of CWM Vortex Mill:
CWM Vortex Mill is widely used in many industries such as chemical, dyestuff, pigment, medicine, non-metal mine and non-ferrous metal, especially is suitable for the grinding of special material and thermal sensitive material. It also can process the tough fiber and moisture substance and it well solved the ultra-fine grinding of the organic substance such as Polyethylene, PVC under normal temperature.
1. The grinding rotor, blade and liner were made of high wear resistant material, minimal wear and tear, no pollution
2. In conjunction with classifier, high precision of classification, correctly cutting point. the fineness of product can be adjusted between 10-400um.
3. A variety of materials can be ground, high adaptable,such as:
plant fiber
toughness, heat-sensitive, low melting point materials
high moisture materials
high viscosity material
can break up Sintering material , Size recovery rate can be 100 percent.
4. The rotor assembly was handled by balance, operate high mechanical stability, use shock pad to support the base, when operation of small vibration, low noise.
5. The equipment can dry high moisture materials, can also equipped with hot air technology to dry and grind material, joint operations.
6 Compact equipment, production under negative pressure, no dust pollution.
7. Automation control, easy operation, easy maintenance
Structure and installation of CWM Vortex Mill:
1. The rotor rotation is driven by motor through V-belt drive to access. Elastic belt tensioner bolt from the spindle motor to adjust the center distance, so that proper belt tension.
2. Rotor assembly
3. Feeding device
a. Feeding Hopper b. Screw Conveyor c. Reducer
4. Backflow device
a. Lever b. Block c. Eyelet bolt d.Adjustment nut e. Fasten nut f. Adjustable the block
Parameter CWM-60 CWM-80 CWM-120
Power suply (kw) grinding rotor plate  45 55-90 110-160
feeder 0.55 1.1 1.1
Rotation speed
grinding rotor plate  3200 2000 1500
Feeder  20-150
Fineness (μm) 5-400
Water Evaporation capacity KgH2O/h 100-150  200-230 400-1000
grinding index / 1 4
Handling capacity (kg/h) 40-1250  80-2500 120-5000
outline Size (LxWxH mm) 2350×1040×1250  2500×1200×1550 3400×1600×2030
Weight (kg) 2000 3000 7000

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